Foster a Dogo

Fantasma: 2 year old deaf female located in California; no small dogs

Iggy:​ 3 year old deaf male located in Pennsylvania; no children, no dogs


These Dogos could not be saved without your help.  When your foster time ends, you'll know that you gave your foster Dogo every chance to make it in the world.

Love & Structure

These Dogos are in stressful situations.  They crave routine, nutritious food, training, ample exercise  and, most of all, the care and love of an intervening human.

Open Your Home

Dogos coming out of shelters or through owner surrender often need a place to call home, temporarily, until the right adopter can be identified.

Dogos In Need of Foster Homes

All of our rescue Dogos are assigned the "pedigree" of de los Salvadores (of the saviors).

Short term foster care can be a wonderful experience for humans and Dogos alike. Typical foster commitments last from four to eight weeks and, in some circumstances, up to six months. We'll sign an agreement so the terms are understood up front.  Fosters typically provide food, water, and shelter.  DC Dogos pays for transportation, training, and all veterinary care. Give us the specifics of what you think you can handle in terms of age, behavior, and time commitment, and we'll match you up with the right foster dog.  If you're interested in fostering, please email and we'll do the rest.

Dogo Adoption